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With tight labor markets, rising education costs, and a widening skills gap, educational institutions and employers have every reason to partner together. Our schools and colleges want to understand, and respond to, local workforce needs more than ever before. Simply convening local industry representatives for compliance is woefully insufficient. Thankfully we know what effective partnerships look like

and how to sustain them.


Each masterclass in Employer Partnerships covers a vitally important element about the practicalities and challenges of partnership implementation. Learn how we can engage in meaningful collaborations, innovate new structures, and blur the walls of our classroom so that every learner and local partner benefits.



Chief Executive Officer, BrandEd

The Merger of Learning and Work

The most effective educational pedagogy involves project-based learning, hands-on application, teamwork, and opportunities to connect learning to work such as internships, co-ops, or apprenticeships. And the demands of the modern workplace require rapid and constantly learning and skilling - whether learning to use new collaboration software tools, data analysis tools, or more involved, formal training, 'learning' is becoming a critical aspect of work success. We are rapidly headed toward a world where will see a merger of learning and work - where you may not be able to tell the difference between a 'school' and a 'workplace.' Let's imagine what this world will look like! 

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President of Langley Innovations,
Former Vice Chancellor for External Relations and President of the UCSD Foundation

Adapting to Rapidly Changing Philanthropic Realities

Advancement and fundraising professionals dedicate their entire profession to building sustainable partnerships.  They cultivate relationships and facilitate the time, talents, and treasure of others to benefit your programs and your students. But recently, philanthropic behavior has significantly changed. That’s why so many traditional fundraising strategies and tactics no longer work.

Employers, community partners and donors are unsatisfied with transactional giving and one-and-done interactions. They want to do more than give to organizations; they want to make significant, sustainable difference. Join professional fundraiser Jim Langley as he demonstrates how organizations can move from chasing gifts/donations to building meaningful philanthropic partnerships. Avoid the faltering fundraising practices of the past. Learn effective philanthropic facilitation that will allow you to build stronger, more enduring communities of shared purpose.


Vice President of Policy and Programs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Unlocking and Sustaining Business-Education Partnerships

In today’s dynamic labor market, collaboration between educators and employers is critical. These partnerships not only enhance educational programs but also open doors for learners, granting them access to employment opportunities and career advancement. This masterclass will help you maintain consistent employer engagement by delving into three main areas:

  1. Employer-Led Strategies: We will dissect proven approaches for building high-performing talent pipelines. Employers play a pivotal role in shaping these pipelines, ensuring learners acquire skills aligned with industry demands.

  2. Education and Training Partnerships: We will highlight the indispensable role of education and training partners within a demand-driven strategy. Their contributions are essential for student success.

  3. A Strategic Framework: Learn how a strategic framework can improve your outcomes. By embracing this approach, all stakeholders (employers, educators, learners, and workers) can collectively create and benefit from shared value.

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ahmad mansur b&w


Education & Talent Strategist, and CEO Futurepoint Global

Building Strategic Partnerships

Schools and Colleges must rapidly move beyond traditional partnerships with the ‘usual suspects’ and explore new ways of working together and making progress through strategic partnership. It is imperative that leaders innovate and adapt by designing structured relationships that cut across boundaries with a shared sense of purpose, communication, metrics, and activities amongst its stakeholders.

In this session, Futurepoint Global founder and CEO, Ahmad Mansur shares how to level up your partnerships, moving them from static compliance-based activities to highly collaborative-driven engagement platforms. The session will cover the key elements, including partnership types, stakeholder mapping, leadership structure, challenge statements. The goal is to make your partnerships come alive with more effectiveness, better outcomes, and scalable impact.


Director of Education Research at the Clayton Christensen Institute

Internship Innovations: New approaches to Scaling Career-Connected Learning

The data is clear: participating in an internship is a gateway to a great first job. But for too many students, access to internships remains out of reach. And for too many employers, offering plentiful, high-quality internships is a hard sell. To address this gap, schools and colleges need to embrace radically new approaches to internships and other career-connected learning opportunities. With an eye towards the most efficient, effective, and equitable practices to address the internship gap, Freeland Fisher will guide you through considering a host of innovative models to help your students build the skills and networks they need to get the jobs they want.

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The following speaker joins the Catapult Mission with an exclusive Keynote. 

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Sr. Fellow for Education and Workforce Innovation, YouScience

Energizing Your Advisory Committee for CTE and

Pathway Success

Every successful CTE system or individual program has an active Advisory Committee that provides support and guidance.  While Advisory Committees come in many shapes and sizes, there are key elements that all effective committees share.  During this keynote, delivered by Hans Meeder, well known author and speaker in the field of Career Connected Learning, you will discover the key elements of effective advisory committees and gain  practical tips for how to energize your committee for greater involvement and impact.

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