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Catapult provides educational institutions with highly impactful professional development masterclasses featuring influential thought leaders, subject matter experts, and insightful coaching. We ignite a tipping point that advances institutional culture forward faster.

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As a company dedicated to redefining education, our success is measured by the educators and staff employed within educational institutions who are more confident and equipped in leading institutional change and enacting intentional strategies forward.  Outcomes from previous participants include:

"This has been a tremendous experience with growth potential at every corner! Our Implementation Team has been on fire, and we are stoked about each session. Thank you for providing this opportunity to our team!"
Chuck Carter, Director of CTE Programs, Tennessee Department of Education


of educators/staff found Catapult’s content motivational and engaging.


of educators/staff say Catapult helped to transform passive support into active commitment at their institution resulting in broader understanding and buy-in.


of educators/staff found Catapult’s content useful in crafting their local strategies/tactics.


of participating educators/staff were thankful for the time and space created to reflect, discuss, and engage together.


of educators/staff felt more prepared and focused on implementing targeted institutional change.


of educators/staff highly recommend Catapult.

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The Catapult Approach

Experience true institutional transformation with Catapult. Our Professional Development Masterclasses go beyond webinars and virtual conferences with live keynotes, one-on-one discussions, live coaching sessions, and interactive Playbooks.


Learn from industry thought leaders on:

  • Student Recruitment & Marketing

  • Work Based Learning

  • Career Readiness 

  • Instructional Excellence


Apply what you learn immediately with reflection and practice activities. Plus, our dynamic speakers will also coach your local implementation team to help identify the right action steps at the right time for your institution to make progress forward faster.

Organizational change is a team sport.

Organizational change is a team sport.

Organizational change is a team sport.

Organizational change is a team sport.

Organizational change is a team sport.

It takes time and intentionality, and no one can advance their institution alone.

We know that culture change requires a shared experience across your entire institution. 

Over 100 institutions have proactively chosen to advance Career Readiness, Marketing & Recruitment, Instructional Excellence, and Work Based Learning by participating in a Catapult professional development masterclass. The most influential voices and subject matter experts are providing both the "Why" and the "How" to truly ignite a tipping point within each institution in support of student success - both now and in the future.

The result: Broader buy-in, increased support for your programs, and true institutional advancement.
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