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Dr. Kevin J. Fleming

Author. CEO Catapult.

Teaches 2 masterclasses:

Effective Messaging for Parents & Prospective Students

The Power of Industry Credentials

As a first-generation college student, Dr. Fleming was told that education counts. Supported by the cultural belief that the more education you get, the more money you make, he pursued not one, not two, but 5 degrees. Overeducated and underemployed, he found himself drowning in student loan debt. It was his industry credential that lifted him out of working poverty and changed the trajectory of his life. In this keynote, Dr. Fleming validates that education does count but is insufficient all on its own.  Learn about the power of industry credentials in providing all students a competitive advantage after graduation.

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About Me

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Instructional Excellence

Are you ready to (re)ignite your passion for teaching and take your instructional prowess to the next level?  Educators are the driving force behind shaping young minds and transforming lives. This masterclass is designed exclusively for you, honoring your dedication and recognizing your vital role.
Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and empowered as fellow subject matter experts guide you through an immersive experience to unlock the tools, techniques, and inspiration to make a lasting impact in the classroom. As iron sharpens Iron, so does on person sharpen another. Together, we will explore innovative strategies, research-backed methodologies, and game-changing insights that will elevate your teaching to new heights.

Each concise keynote in this masterclass has been distilled to be motivational and actionable - no time for fluff - and are available on-demand because we know your schedule is impacted and variable.  You are also invited to a live, VIP Q&A session with each speaker. 

13 powerful keynotes.  13 actionable Playbooks.  Live Q&A sessions. 
This is the professional development you, and your students, deserve. 

Getting to Know Kevin



What sparked your interest in marketing and recruitment?

I suppose it really started back as a student when I was the Vice President of Recruitment for my college fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon. I received excellent training from our national headquarters staff on fundamental recruitment strategies, messaging, handling potential objections, and authentic communication. (And yes, we were the largest on campus).


What missteps would you caution others to avoid when working in career readiness?

We love to overcomplicate things in education with acronyms and terminology. Don’t assume the person seeing your marketing pieces understands the same vernacular that

we use. Ask a student,
your neighbor, and your grandmother to review some of your marketing pieces for simplicity and clarity.


Can you tell a story about your first engagement with marketing and recruitment?

I can’t recall my first experience...but I think I’ve been doing some sort of marketing, selling, recruitment, or advertising my entire life. I never had an allowance, so I would constantly negotiate with my parents and try to convince them to buy me something or to take my brother and I somewhere. As a Boy Scout, we would sell mistletoe and popcorn as a holiday fundraiser (I know, not as popular as Girl Scout cookies) and I’d recruit my friends to join our Troop. As a member of the high school marching band (insert band camp joke here) we would sell all sorts of things to raise money for travel competitions such as Sees candy, wrapping paper, coupon books, punch cards... you name it. I recall even going door-to- door to local businesses and selling ads for high school club T-shirts. Looking back, each experience was a building block that honed my approach and confidence.

Audience and Lecturer


See why Educational Institutions rely on Catapult to provide relevant learning & development. Contact us Today.

"Itisuptoustoequip our students’ potential with knowledge and technical skills so they can become what they are destined to be."

Dr. Kevin J. Fleming

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