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Employer Partnerships

Optimize and sustain collaborations

with local business and
community stakeholders

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Unlocking and Sustaining Business-Education Partnerships


Vice President of Policy and Programs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

In today’s dynamic labor market, collaboration between educators and employers is critical. These partnerships not only enhance educational programs but also open doors for learners, granting them access to employment opportunities and career advancement. This masterclass will help you maintain consistent employer engagement by delving into three main areas:

  1. Employer-Led Strategies: We will dissect proven approaches for building high-performing talent pipelines. Employers play a pivotal role in shaping these pipelines, ensuring learners acquire skills aligned with industry demands.

  2. Education and Training Partnerships: We will highlight the indispensable role of education and training partners within a demand-driven strategy. Their contributions are essential for student success.

  3. A Strategic Framework: Learn how a strategic framework can improve your outcomes. By embracing this approach, all stakeholders (employers, educators, learners, and workers) can collectively create and benefit from shared value.

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