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Ahmad Mansur

Education & Talent Strategist, and CEO Futurepoint Global


Building Strategic Partnerships

Schools and Colleges must rapidly move beyond traditional partnerships with the ‘usual suspects’ and explore new ways of working together and making progress through strategic partnership. It is imperative that leaders innovate and adapt by designing structured relationships that cut across boundaries with a shared sense of purpose, communication, metrics, and activities amongst its stakeholders.

In this session, Futurepoint Global founder and CEO, Ahmad Mansur shares how to level up your partnerships, moving them from static compliance-based activities to highly collaborative-driven engagement platforms. The session will cover the key elements, including partnership types, stakeholder mapping, leadership structure, challenge statements. The goal is to make your partnerships come alive with more effectiveness, better outcomes, and scalable impact.

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Employer Partnerships

With tight labor markets, rising education costs, and a widening skills gap, educational institutions and employers have every reason to partner together. Our schools and colleges want to understand, and respond to, local workforce needs more than ever before. Simply convening local industry representatives for compliance is woefully insufficient. Thankfully we know what effective partnerships look like and how to sustain them.


Each masterclass in Employer Partnerships covers a vitally important element about the practicalities and challenges of partnership implementation. Learn how we can engage in meaningful collaborations, innovate new structures, and blur the walls of our classroom so that every learner and local partner benefits.

“Everything that happens to you is a form of instruction if you pay attention“.

Robert Greene (Mastery)

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