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Hans Meeder

Sr. Fellow for Education and Workforce Innovation, YouScience


Energizing Your Advisory Committee for CTE and Pathway Success

Every successful CTE system or individual program has an active Advisory Committee that provides support and guidance.  While Advisory Committees come in many shapes and sizes, there are key elements that all effective committees share.  During this keynote, delivered by Hans Meeder, well known author and speaker in the field of Career Connected Learning, you will discover the key elements of effective advisory committees and gain  practical tips for how to energize your committee for greater involvement and impact.

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About Me

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Instructional Excellence

Are you ready to (re)ignite your passion for teaching and take your instructional prowess to the next level?  Educators are the driving force behind shaping young minds and transforming lives. This masterclass is designed exclusively for you, honoring your dedication and recognizing your vital role.
Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and empowered as fellow subject matter experts guide you through an immersive experience to unlock the tools, techniques, and inspiration to make a lasting impact in the classroom. As iron sharpens Iron, so does on person sharpen another. Together, we will explore innovative strategies, research-backed methodologies, and game-changing insights that will elevate your teaching to new heights.

Each concise keynote in this masterclass has been distilled to be motivational and actionable - no time for fluff - and are available on-demand because we know your schedule is impacted and variable.  You are also invited to a live, VIP Q&A session with each speaker. 

13 powerful keynotes.  13 actionable Playbooks.  Live Q&A sessions. 
This is the professional development you, and your students, deserve. 

Getting to Know Hans



What was your first job? What did you learn from it?

My professional background
is in education policy and analysis, not classroom teaching. But an early, formative experience was talking to large groups of educators about forthcoming policy directive. I learned to know my content, and to know my audience.


What sparked your interest in work-based learning?

I benefited greatly from work-based learning experience in editing and publishing my high school newspaper, and also an internship in college at a television station. I learned many transferable skills in planning, problem-solving, and executing projects. I also learned what I liked and didn‘t like relating to career options. That‘s why I‘m motivated for employers to be involved in education at a larger scale so more students can get these

kind of early, formative experiences with business and industry.


What missteps would you caution others to avoid as they work to promote or develop work-based learning opportunities?

Conflict avoidance is the
most common mistake I
see among educators and education leaders. Engaging in constructive dialogue around difficult issues is essential to move your organization forward. On a personal level, make sure to deal with internal problems and relational problems, because left unattended they will fester and grow and ultimately, diminish your life and your professional work.

Audience and Lecturer


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“Leadership is the lifting of people‘s vision to a higher sight, the raising of their performance to a higher standard, the building of their personality beyond its normal limitations."

Peter Drucker, American business leadership expert

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