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For years you have forged partnerships, created pathways, and developed programs…yet we still have empty seats in our classes. While we balance preparing students for both higher education completion and the workforce, it is time to shift our messaging. If you seek broader institutional engagement in your outreach, enrollment management, student recruitment, and marketing efforts, then this masterclass is for you. It’s time to become their first choice. 

You can't afford to wait another year. Register your institution or "Team of 3" for the Spring 2024 session today.

Catapult Kevin Fleming Redefining Education.jpg

Educator. Author. TEDx Speaker. CEO Catapult.

Effective Messaging for Parents & Prospective Students

All parents want what is best for their child, but they may not know that the pathway to economic and career success has shifted. Similarly, all students want a bright future; but they will be disappointed and underemployed if they are focused solely on making it to graduation and not on the true alignment between their personality, passions, profession, and purpose.


In this train-the-trainer session, Dr. Fleming will share effective messaging strategies, resources, and tangible action steps proven to help students and parents understand the value and power of your programs as well as the competitive advantage they'll secure after commencement.

Author. CEO. Generational expert. contributor

Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations

Join Mark C. Perna as he unveils groundbreaking innovations for working with today’s younger generations. Countless educators, parents, and employers have used these proven strategies to bridge the generational divide and launch them with a powerful competitive advantage. Purpose-driven education is the heartbeat of this inspiring call to action. Though they’re often painted in a negative light, today’s young people have incredible potential to change the world. We just have to unleash it. Students who experience education with purpose can then pursue employment with passion—which they need today more than ever.

You’ll discover the Light at the End of the Tunnel strategy to connect, engage, and answer why for your students—and inspire their greatest effort. Mark will deliver clear action steps you can implement immediately both in your home and institution, to move young people from static purpose to active purpose mode where they can achieve at a higher level.


Mark’s highly practical generational insights, innovative best practices, and signature inspiration will open your eyes to the amazing promise of the younger generations. Recharge your passion for making a difference and start motivating your students like never before!

Cheryl Broom 2023 b&w.jpg

CEO, Graduate Communications 

Getting Prospects to Swipe Right: How to Make Students Fall in Love with Your College

Educational marketing is a lot like online dating. Both use pictures. Both make promises. But all too often, both fall short. The truth is, a pretty picture isn’t enough–prospects have to believe you are true to your word and that you’ll keep your promises. Join former community college PIO, and Graduate Communications Founder and CEO, Cheryl Broom, for a deep dive into how the art of online dating can teach educational institutions to better tell their stories, make good on their promises, and help prospective students find true love.

CEO, Interact

Marketing Plans that Truly Target Your Audience

Most Marketing plans are sad, single-focus activities that ignore personas, create a single one-size-fits-all message that resonates with some and not others and is focused on getting you through THIS semester.


Discover the magic of 18-month, multi-targeted, multi-messaged planning that allows you to get ahead of the curve and respond to market shifts instead of scrambling for survival.

Justin “Mr. Fascinate” Shaifer - Catapult.jpg

Linkedin Top Voice in Technology, Science TV Show Host & STEM Educator

Cultural Transformation: Recruiting and Marketing Diverse Students

In his popular TEDx talk, “How to Speak Generation Z,” Justin “Mr. Fascinate” Shaifer taught audiences how to effectively engage a generation who grew up with iPads and smartphones in their hands. His insights were based on his work as the co-founder of the STEM Success Summit, a large-scale recruiting conference for diverse students and young professionals. 

Now, Shaifer has taken his experiences a step further — crafting a powerful message for institutions to learn how to hire, recruit, market, and retain Gen Z students — one of the most diverse generations in our history. In this session, Shaifer shares best practices so that faculty, staff, and educators can better understand how to truly impact and lead the next generation. 

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