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As the future workforce, today's students must be prepared to seize opportunities, forge new paths, and navigate challenges. True Career Readiness ensures they do not just graduate but are empowered as confident, adaptable, and forward-thinking professionals equipped to make a meaningful impact on the world. Our transformative, world-renowned keynote speakers will share cutting-edge strategies and perspectives to help you and your students conquer the path ahead.

It's time.  Register your institution or "Team of 3" for the Spring 2024 session today.


Viewing Party: February 26

Coaching Call Range: February 28 – March 8

World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, Flux Author

Flux: Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change

April Rinne, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and a leading female futurist according to Forbes, specializes in guiding individuals and organizations to adapt to change and uncertainty. She advises startups, major companies, financial institutions, nonprofits, and governments globally, including notable names like Airbnb, Nike, and the World Bank. Her work has been featured in publications like Harvard Business Review, Wired, and Fast Company. April holds a Harvard Law School degree, and her diverse background as a futurist, lawyer, investor, and more informs her unique perspective on thriving amid change. She is also the author of "Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change," drawing inspiration from her personal experiences and global travels, which include visiting over 100 countries and overcoming personal tragedies. April's mission is to help others build positive relationships with change.


Design Matters: Rethinking Learning Environments

In today’s age, hybrid and remote working environments are becoming increasingly common along with asynchronous, global team collaborations. The terms learning and classroom (learning space) have therefore taken on a myriad of different and newer meanings. Both regularly occur and are associated with physical and digital environments. Often times the design of these environments can be a determining factor in the desired outcomes and a learner’s career readiness. In both cases, the designs of each can not only influence the learner, but also the breadth and quality of their learning experience. It is this experience that can mean the difference between successful engagement in learning versus disengagement. During this keynote, we will examine ways in which we can leverage the designs of physical and digital space to create a unique learner experience as well as strategies for effective design of equitable and inclusive learning environments. Because Design Matters.

Kenneth Shelton 2023 b&w.jpg

Viewing Party: March 11

Coaching Call Range: March 13 – March 22

Rachael Mann2.webp

Viewing Party: March 25

Coaching Call Range: March 27 – April 19

Author, Speaker, Top 30 Global Gurus

Metatrends Driving Change and Redefining the Future

Forecasters predict that over the next decade, waves of exponential technology advances will eclipse decades of breakthroughs in both scale and impact. What are the Metatrends that will revolutionize the industries that we are equipping students to enter? Join Rachael Mann for a keynote on how Artificial intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (XR), digitized goods and services, demonetized tech, the smart economy, and more will continue to transform the way we live - and what these trends mean for how we approach learning. Through a thoughtful narrative on where we’ve been and where we are going, participants will discover how to connect the past and the future to best equip students now. 

Founder & CEO, Experience Institute

Gaps, Leaps, & Sabbaticals: How to Design Transitions throughout Education & Careers

The era of cramming all of our learning into four straight years of undergraduate, classroom education has ended. Now, more than ever, people are yearning for more opportunities to explore the world, work on meaningful projects, and discover their next path throughout their lives and work. But our society and institutions haven't adapted to allow for those spaces — leaving such experiences only to the privileged or fortunate. How do we design seasons of experiential learning for ourselves? And how can we foster those opportunities for the students we teach, or the teams we lead? 

Victor Headshot.jpg

Viewing Party: April 22

Coaching Call Range: April 24 – May 3


Viewing Party: May 6

Coaching Call Range: May 8 – May 17

Founder @ SparkPath

Flip the model: How looking beyond job titles helps students thrive

Asking ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ is no longer serving students. This question perpetuates the myth that they will be just one thing: one profession or one job title. This is no longer true. What is much more likely is that students will work on several different challenges, problems and opportunities over the course of their lives.

To prepare for the future of work, we need to move students away from job titles, and shift their focus to the challenges that exist in the world. This simple shift helps students broaden their horizons and get excited about their future. Discover the stories of schools that are flipping the model through the Challenge mindset, and how they are transforming their approach to college and careers.


The following thought leader joins the Career Readiness masterclass with an exclusive Keynote available on demand. 

Mcgowan_Heather_PROMOPIC copy.jpg

Future of Work Strategist, 2017 Global LinkedIn Top Voice for Education

The Future of Work is Learning

Future-of-work strategist Heather E. McGowan helps leaders prepare their people and organizations for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Third Industrial Revolution was marked by computerization and automation of physical labor, laying the foundation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will be notable for the rapid advancement of technology tools into the domain of human knowledge work. In this world, humans must continuously learn and adapt, and with this transition comes information overload. Heather gives lucidity to this topic through her illuminating graphic frameworks and powerful metaphors, all backed by deep research and books. In 2017, LinkedIn ranked her as its number-one global voice for education. McGowan’s academic work has included roles at Rhode Island School of Design, Becker College, and Jefferson University, where she was the strategic architect of the first undergraduate college focused exclusively on innovation. In 2019 Heather was appointed as a faculty member of the Swinburne University Centre For the New Workforce in Melbourne, Australia. A Forbes contributor, and author of multiple books, Heather’s keynote helps educators and institutions prepare for and adapt to jobs that do not yet exist.

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