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JP Michel

Founder @ SparkPath


Flip the model: How looking beyond job titles helps students thrive

Asking ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ is no longer serving students. This question perpetuates the myth that they will be just one thing: one profession or one job title. This is no longer true. What is much more likely is that students will work on several different challenges, problems and opportunities over the course of their lives.

To prepare for the future of work, we need to move students away from job titles, and shift their focus to the challenges that exist in the world. This simple shift helps students broaden their horizons and get excited about their future. Discover the stories of schools that are flipping the model through the Challenge mindset, and how they are transforming their approach to college and careers.

About Me

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Career Readiness

For years you have forged partnerships, created pathways, and developed programs…yet we still have empty seats in our classes. While we balance preparing students for both higher education completion and the workforce, it is time to shift our messaging. If you seek broader institutional engagement in your outreach, enrollment management, student recruitment, and marketing efforts, then this masterclass is for you. It’s time to become their first choice.

You can't afford to wait another year.

Getting to Know JP Michel



What was your first job and what did you learn from it?

Birthday party host. I learned that I needed
to look beyond the job description to find the real problems to solve. In this case, making the parents happy!


Why career readiness?

My studies in industrial- organizational psychology led me to work with hundreds of leaders

in transition. I quickly realized that we weren't preparing young people for these inevitable transitions. Instead, we were locking them into one job, forever. I knew that needed to change so I built a company to fuel my mission.


What missteps would you caution others to avoid when working in career readiness?

  • Our industries are changing and will continue to do
    so. It’s important to make space for innovation, all while maintaining balance in our work. Otherwise, we risk feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. I believe everyone has the opportunity to create their own work formula to strike a balance. Here’s mine: prioritize what's most important, leave room for the rest, and make peace with what didn't fit into your schedule that day.

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"I help career advisors unlock new career possibilities for confused students. Together, we’ve helped 50k+ students and counting."

JP Michel

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