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Victor Saad

Founder & CEO, Experience Institute


Gaps, Leaps, & Sabbaticals: How to Design Transitions throughout Education & Careers

The era of cramming all of our learning into four straight years of undergraduate, classroom education has ended. Now, more than ever, people are yearning for more opportunities to explore the world, work on meaningful projects, and discover their next path throughout their lives and work. But our society and institutions haven't adapted to allow for those spaces — leaving such experiences only to the privileged or fortunate. How do we design seasons of experiential learning for ourselves? And how can we foster those opportunities for the students we teach, or the teams we lead? 

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Career Readiness

For years you have forged partnerships, created pathways, and developed programs…yet we still have empty seats in our classes. While we balance preparing students for both higher education completion and the workforce, it is time to shift our messaging. If you seek broader institutional engagement in your outreach, enrollment management, student recruitment, and marketing efforts, then this masterclass is for you. It’s time to become their first choice.

You can't afford to wait another year.

Getting to Know Victor



What was your first job and what did you learn from it?

I started my own little business at 10. Took care of lawns, and pets, and ran errands for neighbors. I was pretty responsible, but one time, I neglected a dog during the final few days of a family's vacation. They returned to puddles of urine and piles of poop around the house. The worst was that the the dog had actually used the bathroom on the dining table — which was an act of sheer defiance and anger.

In that one lesson, I learned about responsibility, follow- through, and communication. Also, as much as I love dogs, I may not make for a great dog owner.


Why career readiness?

I grew up as a Middle Eastern kid in the Midwest. I didn't have a lot of people who understood the pressures of becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, or Engineer — while wanting to go an entirely different path. On top of that, my family went through several tough years. So my heroes were educators, guidance counselors, and my soccer coach. I knew I wanted to do something similar to those folks. I eventually found my fit in learning & development.


What missteps would you caution others to avoid when working in career readiness?

  • Don't get desperate.

  • Don't sell something you

    don't want to deliver.

  • Don't hide the rough

    edges of things.

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Helping students become leaders. Helping leaders become students. Forbes 30 Under 30 in the field of education.

Victor Saad

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