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Dr. Pam Cox-Otto

CEO, Interact


Marketing Plans that Truly Target Your Audience

Most Marketing plans are sad, single-focus activities that ignore personas, create a single one-size-fits-all message that resonates with some and not others and is focused on getting you through THIS semester.


Discover the magic of 18-month, multi-targeted, multi-messaged planning that allows you to get ahead of the curve and respond to market shifts instead of scrambling for survival.

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See why Educational Institutions rely on Catapult to provide relevant learning & development. Contact us Today.


Student Motivation and Marketing

For years you have forged partnerships, created pathways, and developed programs…yet we still have empty seats in our classes. While we balance preparing students for both higher education completion and the workforce, it is time to shift our messaging. If you seek broader institutional engagement in your outreach, enrollment management, student recruitment, and marketing efforts, then this masterclass is for you. It’s time to become their first choice. 

You can't afford to wait another year. Register your institution or "Team of 3" for the Spring 2024 session today.

Part researcher, part marketer... and always a Community College Evangelist, Dr. Pamela Cox-Otto, Ph.D. brings an outside-the-box flair to everything she touches.
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