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Dr. Sandra Adams

Career Academy Administrator, ACTE Contributor, Author, Speaker


Elevate Student Experiences through Embedded WBL Instruction

Delivering content is no longer the goal. We are now charged to increase authentic work based learning experiences for all students.  But how do we achieve this?  Done correctly and consistently, work-based learning creates a win – win – win situation.  Students, partners and educators all win as we leverage partner connections to advance authentic learning environments

This session provides a continuum of lessons that connect students and partners in multiple ways for technical and professional skill development.  The simple truth is that we cannot construct meaning for someone else.  Students need to experience novel learning environments and opportunities to make new connections that result in their construction of learning and  efficacy building.  The WBL lessons shared here are applicable to all program areas and are intentionally designed to foster progress and recognition for students.

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About Me

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Instructional Excellence

Are you ready to (re)ignite your passion for teaching and take your instructional prowess to the next level?  Educators are the driving force behind shaping young minds and transforming lives. This masterclass is designed exclusively for you, honoring your dedication and recognizing your vital role.
Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and empowered as fellow subject matter experts guide you through an immersive experience to unlock the tools, techniques, and inspiration to make a lasting impact in the classroom. As iron sharpens Iron, so does on person sharpen another. Together, we will explore innovative strategies, research-backed methodologies, and game-changing insights that will elevate your teaching to new heights.

Each concise keynote in this masterclass has been distilled to be motivational and actionable - no time for fluff - and are available on-demand because we know your schedule is impacted and variable.  You are also invited to a live, VIP Q&A session with each speaker. 

13 powerful keynotes.  13 actionable Playbooks.  Live Q&A sessions. 
This is the professional development you, and your students, deserve. 

Getting to Know Sandra



What sparked your interest in your keynote topic?

I have self-published four educational books, each of which reflects the work I was engaged with during that time. I don’t just encourage people to share their best practices, I try hard to model this belief to all of my audiences. I think it is our duty as educators to shape the future by sharing the field-tested high quality practices.


For career and technical educators, it is obvious that advisory board and partner involvement with students and teachers on a weekly basis is powerful. I had the privilege

9 years ago to launch the first CTE High School Internship program in Fort Wayne. We have never turned back.


For me personally, I see a future of education where partner-student networking while in high school is the exact piece of education needed to transform learning experiences and finally reach the true 21st century model. Teachers and leaders need support with the HOW, not the WHY. This is what has led to my current work.


What was your first teaching experience? What did you learn from it?

My very first teaching experience was a long-term one-on-one tutoring with a student who just couldn’t function in the traditional classroom. This continued one hour a day for two years, just me and my student.

This experience was invaluable to all future students I encountered. I learned from this student while supporting his growth and learning, amidst a life full of problems and pains that would send anyone into a tailspin.


Where/who do you look to in order to stay updated and motivated?

My reading and listening lists above are how I start. I have at least 2-3 coffee dates each week with valued partners or potential partners to listen to their current work and consider ways that our work should match. Of course, I am a lover of my Linked In inspirational educators and business leaders. I am always looking to the next trends in education. I love to write for Techniques magazine, publish my ideas in books, and lead professional learning sessions when I have time.


There is simply nothing more motivating than grassroots conversations with teachers around the country to consider what is working for them or what obstacles they are facing. In addition, I have the beautiful pleasure of having three adult daughters, all working in different industries than education. I just love our long chats about how their work challenges and growth can potentially connect to education and advancing CTE students--which is my WHY for all work life.

Audience and Lecturer


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