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Vinz Koller

Apprenticeship Evangelist


The Future of Learning is Work: The Promise of Apprenticeships

There is a belief out there, that education has to prepare young people for a job – or even the world of work itself.  And though educators, at great expense, try to design work-like environments in their schools, employers still lament that education falls short of their needs.  This is, at least in part, because the faster an economy changes, the harder it is to predict what skills individuals will need in a future workplace.  Even the best-designed career academy is outdated very quickly. 


Which leads us to this great paradox: At a time when many young people are looking for work - employers say they simply can’t find the talent they need.  We all wonder what has gone wrong.  


What if our premise had been wrong all along? What if it is not education’s job to teach work?

What if only work can teach work? And what if we had a way to solve the talent paradox and the skills gap all at once – and even make a profit while doing it? In this session, we get reacquainted with the timeless method of connecting work and learning: the apprenticeship, which by its very nature eliminates the need to predict the future of work.

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Work-Based Learning

Even when the US economy is humming along, it contains a strange paradox. Employers have a hard time finding workers, yet simultaneously many workers have a hard time finding appropriate employment. WBL helps learners enter and succeed in their first or next career, yet it remains a tiny percentage of our student experience. We’re proud to feature the most dynamic and sought-after speakers who are true Industry Thought Leaders at the forefront of career-connected learning.

It is time to solve our workforce paradox once and for all.

“Everything that happens to you is a form of instruction if you pay attention“.

Robert Greene (Mastery)

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